Ashtanga Yoga Denver Mysore & Led Class schedule:

Through practice, the intricacy of the universe awakens

Updated on an about-to-rain Monday afternoon, April 15, 2024

Tuesday, April 23, is a moon day; no practice class is canceled; chill, and change the world.

Sun 4/148:30-10:30AMSunday Mysore
Mon 4/15ClosedWe rest on Monday
Tues 4/166:30-9AMMysore
Wed 4/176:30-9AMMysore
Thurs 4/186:30-9AMMysore
Fri 4/196:30-9AMMysore
Sat 4/209-10:30AMFull Led Primary
Sat 4/2011-12:15PMIntro to Ashtanga
Sun 4/218:30-10:30AMNo Sunday Mysore this week