Mysore and Led Class schedule–We are currently closed for our first annual July Summer Vacation. We’ll be back in August for limited pop up classes and a full schedule in September

Updated Thursday July 1, 2021

Sun Rest day 
Mon 8 – 9:30AMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Tues 7:00 – 10:00AM Summer Vacation Class Cancelled
Wed 8 – 9AMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Wed 6 – 7PMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Thur 6:30- 8:30AM Summer Vacation Class Cancelled
Fri 8 – 9AMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Sat 9 – 10:30AMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Sat 10:45-11:15AMSummer Vacation Class Cancelled
Sun Rest day 



Hello, dear Ashtanga Yoga Denver community:

Hanging in there? We miss you all! We’ve been practicing together (FOR FREE!) via Zoom each morning and it’s going really well.

The Zoom classes are FREE, and are an excellent way to develop a home practice, refine your practice, get re-acquainted with the Sanskrit count, and stay connected as a community. You may practice via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Love to each of you,
Elizabeth & Bill

March 14, 2020
It is with a heavy heart that we will close Ashtanga Yoga Denver for all classes beginning immediately.

Boundaries have continued to move extremely quickly. The measures of what makes sense and sense to do have changed. We always want to meet both ourselves and information in the present.

When we sent out last week’s email, it was noted that we would monitor a changing landscape daily. Currently, we believe that best practices dictate that we pause classes until more surety enters our community, our minds, and our culture. Let’s error on the cautious side while doing our very best to maintain our community. This situation surely teaches us that we are all one. What each and every one of us does impacts not only our community but also many others we don’t imagine or see as friends or community members. Closing the Shala is our opportunity to make sure that we widen our circle to everyone. We close to treat the world right.

It is our belief that our community members are thoughtful and strong. This current obstacle gives us the opportunity of home practice, which from my own experience during times of injury or stress is one of the most profound gifts that we can give ourselves.

A home practice can be as simple a single sun salute or as complex as you desire to make it. The key is making time and doing this DAILY! For those of you who have not had the opportunity or the willpower, this is that chance.

All of us, as part of this Shala and community, are a resilient crew. Let’s provide that same strength to all of those around us. Feel free to lean on us. We will do our best.

With so much Love,
Bill & Elizabeth

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